Triton-X solution for Powerful,
Scalable and Cost-effective Smallsats


Triton-X is LuxSpace’s ultimate platform for micro- to mini- LEO smallsat systems.

Designed as “multi-purpose” cost-effective products, the scalable and powerful Triton-X platforms are easily adaptable to various typologies of LEO missions and payloads, also in small and/or hybrid constellations.

The Triton-X platforms, developed in the three mass classes: Light/Medium/Heavy benefit from the largely positive heritage and Lessons Learnt from LuxSpace’s previous platforms Triton-1 (with 2 satellites launched at this date) and Triton-2 (with 1 satellite launched at this date).

The following table presents the ranges of capabilities for each Triton-X Light/Medium/Heavy based smallsat:
Consult our Resources page for more details about the Triton-X platforms.

Triton-X Light (TXL)Triton-X Medium (TXM)Triton-X Heavy (TXH)
Key FeaturesLow power, mass, and bandwidth; single stringModerate power and mass; high bandwidth; single stringHigh power and mass; very high bandwidth; fully redundant
Payload MassUp to 15 kgUp to 45 kgUp to 90 kg
Payload SizeUp to 12 U13 - 50 U50 - 280 U
Payload Power (OAP)9 - 90 W45 - 180 W120 - 310 W
Spacecraft Mass40 - 65 kg75 - 135 kg130 - 250 kg

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