The two Vesselsat satellites have now completed their contractual mission of 3 years, delivering AIS data to the customer 24/7.

Vesselsat1 has been put in reserve, while Vesselsat2 keeps on delivering AIS data.

Contracted in September 2010, using innovative design, rugged approach for reliability and commercial effectiveness, LuxSpace designed and assembled the two satellites for launches at end of 2011. LuxSpace also provided three fully autonomous ground stations, that proved to reliably withstand all climatic range from equatorial humid to Arctic conditions.

LuxSpace led all the stages of the cycle, from blank page start to launch campaign and in-orbit delivery and commissioning, providing its customer with assistance throughout the lifecycle.

Vesselsat1 was launched on 2011 October 11, on a PSLV Indian launcher, from the Shriharikota launch site. The orbit is circular, 20° inclined, 867 km altitude.

VesselSat2 was launched on 2012 January 9, on a Long March 4B, from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre. The orbit is a 500km SSO.

LuxSpace showed its mastering of all key aspects of a commercial and operational satellite system throughout the lifecycle. The company proposes to customer its successful, flight proven Triton 1 platform, at a very affordable price and lead time. This platform offers to subsystems a very comfortable environment, providing a good radiation shielding and very stable thermal behaviour in all conditions. In addition it comprises a very low EMI level and an encrypted downlink capability up to 512kb/s in UHF, allowing very low cost ground stations, combined with a high data downlink amount per pass.

The LuxSpace team is seconded by a network of known and reliable subcontractors with whom it has confident and well established relationship. In response to the individual customer requirement LuxSpace is able to provide the capabilities for taking over the operations of the satellite, using its own ITU registered frequencies, freeing the customer from the administrative burden. LuxSpace offers also to manage registration and legal debris mitigation.