STCAD Pro Preview

LuxSpace Sàrl has created a CAD engineering tool for TT&C Subsystems, the STCAD (Satellite TeleCommunications Analysis and Design). It makes easy the design of payload schematics with a library of predefined components and the automatic conversion into cascade analysis spread-sheets.


A Preview is available for free with a license valid for six months (starting in November 2016) without any further obligation.  During these six months, LuxSpace would be happy to receive your comments and feedback, to help us fix issues, perform appropriate improvements and implement additional features considered helpful by users.Once the tool is installed, it will ask for a valid licence, please send us an email to with the UID that you will see in the screen and we will send it to you.  Each computer needs additional licences, but there is not limit in the number of licences you can request.




STCAD Pro uses linear S-parameter modelling, complemented with cubic polynomials to account for nonlinear phenomena.

The cascade analysis considers both mismatch and saturation effects, and its results have been validated with commercial state-of-the-art RF system analysis tools.


Please follow this link to access the Support Form