LuxSpace Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part of LuxSpace’s business principles, guiding all our undertakings to deliver products and services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers, maintaining our space products and services the preferred choice of our customers.

Our commitment is to never compromise on the quality of our space system products and our data services, while ensuring their compliance with all relevant laws and regulations:

  • Our space systems fully comply with the requirements of our customers for system performance and on-time delivery. We provide full customer service and expert support throughout the product lifetime, from the conceptual product definition through the on-ground development and production up to in-orbit operations.
  • Our data services are robust and reliable in provision of excellent data. We provide recognised expert knowledge for service definition and implementation and ensure maximum service continuity, quickest response times and maximum flexibility to customers’ requests.

As LuxSpace Executive Board we commit to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We provide the required leadership and resources for the implementation of an effective, process-oriented Quality Management System (QMS), fully in line with the ISO standard. Our QMS is regularly monitored, evaluated and continuously improved under our direct lead and control, involving regular management reviews and an internal audit system. Through demonstrated personal engagement, leadership and clear communication, we ensure that quality is a main guiding principle for all LuxSpace employees for the full benefit of our customers.

Betzdorf, July 2021



Edgar Milic

Managing Director