LuxSpace in Geostationary Orbit


As a major partner of an international consortium, LuxSpace is proud of its significant contribution to the recent successfully launched telecommunications satellite H36W-1, which will be positioned in a geostationary orbit, at 36 000km distance from earth. The Hispasat Satellite, built by OHB System AG as the primary contractor together with its sister companies OHB Sweden, OHB Italia and LuxSpace will provide advanced communication and multimedia services for Europe, the Canary Islands and South America for the upcoming 15 years. The satellite has been developed as part of the ESA ARTES program (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems).

LuxSpace was in charge for delivering the highly critical Telecommand, Telemetry & Ranging System, which handles all communication between the ground station and the spacecraft like commanding, collecting status information of the spacecraft, but also providing data about its speed and acceleration.

In addition, a Satellite Simulator was developed at LuxSpace to simulate the various operational phases of the Satellite and its subsystems once in orbit. This facilitates mission planning and operator training.