In May 2018 LuxSpace successfully completed the acceptance test campaign of the Flight Model of the Attitude Determination and Control System Interface (ADCS I/F) Unit. This concludes the first all-inhouse design and development of a flight product unit by LuxSpace. The ADCS I/F unit handles the communication between the On-board Computer (OBC) and the ADCS Sensors, such as magnetometer, gyroscope, and sun-sensor, as well as the ADCS actuators.

The unit has been developed within the “New Space” paradigm allowing to significantly shorten development time and cost while still maintaining a high level of quality. For instance, the all COTS component ADCS IF unit has been successfully qualified with respect to vibrations, thermal vacuum, EMC and radiation environment including TID as well as SEE.

The key enabler of this “New Space” development is a vertically integrated eco-system relying on in-house design, development and testing and a build-to-print manufacturer qualified by LuxSpace to the requirements of the “New Space” economy.

LuxSpace Electronics& AOCS team