LuxSpace and Loft Orbital have signed an agreement to join forces for Loft Orbital’s inSpace mission program. inSpace comprises a network of about 21 companies across the space value chain including providers of satellite buses, launch services, ground segment services, payload and data analytics. The creation of inSpace is core to Loft Orbital’s mission to make it simple for organizations to access space. By working to bring about standardization with its partners, Loft Orbital is positioned as a one-stop shop for customers who require infrastructure in Low Earth Orbit. LuxSpace partnered as a satellite bus provider. The lean Triton-X product line with its “common core” and platform scalability is ideal for Loft’s end-to-end mission service. Triton-X platform is currently developed in close collaboration with ESA and is highly cost-competitive, available quickly and versatile. It can be used for commercial applications in the new space market such as satellite communications, Earth observation and the testing of new technologies in space.