Reservoir dam
Reservoir dam

Support of EO exploitation activities within the European Investment Bank


Since 2007, LuxSpace promotes satellite Earth Observation for applications in the banking sector.  That time, ESA has been convinced to support our approach in developing this market niche for EO with the European Investment Bank by launching a few pilot projects showing the potential of EO for the banks project monitoring obligations (see

Service 1: Forest Monitoring in Ambatovy Mine Project

Service 2: Habitat Monitoring in Egnatia Motorway Project

Service 3: Re-plantation Monitoring in Kolombangara Forests).  In the following, ESA approached the World Bank and entrusted LuxSpace to organise the implementation of some more small-scale pilot projects for the WB (see Earth Observation services supporting the World Bank). 

After successful implementation of these pilots, ESA launched a larger promotion program for satellite Earth Observation in the financial sector, e.g. the so-called EO-World initiative with the World Bank and the EO Europa Initiative with the European Investment Bank.  

In the framework of the latter,

ESA entrusted LuxSpace with the task of a “Technical Agent” assisting ESA and the EIB during the entire EO Europa program.  This includes helping in defining the user requirements in close cooperation with the EIB Project Officers, specifying the EO services, and finally assisting the EIB users in using the EO service results. 

In 2010, more than 30 EIB financing projects were analysed by LuxSpace in close collaboration with responsible EIB Project Officers for potential of EO technology to support the information needs.  After a series of meetings, a number of 123 EO services have been selected for implementation, and were specified in detail together with ESA experts.

In June 2011 ESA launched an Invitation To Tender procedure to select EO service providers implementing the EO services for the EIB. The selection process ended in November 2011 and the Kick-Off meetings on the project to be implemented were held until February 2012. 



Project Title

EO Information Service

Area of Interest


Forest Plantation

Forest Mapping

Uganda (Namwasa)


Motorway Impact on Protected Sites

Land Cover Mapping

Infrastructure Construction Monitoring

Poland (Motorway A1/A4)


Cement Plant

Infrastructure Construction Monitoring

Ethiopia (Oromiya)


Waste Water Treatment

Land Cover Mapping

Morocco (Meknes)


Water Management

Land Cover Mapping

Terrain Deformation Mapping

Jordan (Disi Acquifer, Azraq)


Hydropower Plant

Land Cover / Forest Mapping

Laos (Nam Theun)


Urban Development

Urban Change Mapping

Greece (Athens)


Potential Nature Protection Sites

Land Cover Mapping

Morocco (Fez)


Subsidence in River Estuaries

Terrain Deformation Mapping

River Estuaries (Loire, Gironde)


Coastal Water Quality

Water Quality Monitoring

Med Sea (Southern Coast)



The services were carried out until beginning of 2013.  LuxSpace assisted to a number of project meetings at the EIB helping the EIB users in discussions with EO service providers.  First results of selected EO services were presented to the EIB Technical Officers at a workshop organized in October 2013.  Final conclusions of the exercise will be presented at an ESA workshop organised in April 2014 in Luxembourg.  The final results of the program, including utility assessment by the users of the EO services will be published by ESA at the same time. 

In the framework of the EO Europa Initiaitve, ESA entrusted LuxSpace with another project, i.e. the development of a web-based application to enable the EIB users to view and analyse the geographic data generated by the EO services (see GIMS description).  


For further information please contact LuxSpace.