GSE-LUX-RiskEOS: Flood Risk Information Services For Luxembourg

In the framework of the ESA program on "Global Monitoring for Environment and Security" (GMES) and its Service Elements (GSE), LuxSpace managed the GSE - Risk EOS (Earth Observation Services) project in Luxembourg.

The users of the service were the Civil Protection Administration (Administration des Services de Secours) and the Water Management Administration (Administration de Gestion de l'Eau), both under the authority of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Interior and Regional Planning.

In collaboration with the Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann, LuxSpace provided flood risk analysis including past inundation mapping, modeling of flood events with varying discharges, assets mapping and potential damage assessment.  The products are based on Earth Observation data (Radar data, Very High Resolution multi-spectral data) as well as on in-situ measurements (stream gauges data, water level data during floods etc.) and on hydraulic modeling.  LuxSpace was responsible for project management and Assets Mapping.

In addition to that we coordinated the GSE-LUX partnership comprised by the Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann, GIM sa and Luxspace.   Several horizontal tasks that are common to the provided services on Forest Monitoring, Risk information and Land information are coordinated within the partnership.  Horizontal tasks consist in data procurement and preprocessing of VHR IKONOS imagery, the project Geo-database creation and maintenance, website etc..  For more information on the GMES services in Luxembourg , visit the GSE-Luxembourg website or contact LuxSpace.