GSE Forest Monitoring For Kyoto Protocol Reporting by Luxembourg

In the framework of the ESA program on "Global Monitoring for Environment and Security" (GMES) and its Service Elements (GSE), Luxspace is implementing the GSE Forest Monitoring project in Luxembourg.

The users of the service are the "Administration for Nature and Forestry" (ANF) and the Luxembourg Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures (MDDI).

Maps on land use, forest areas and forest types were generated in accordance with the UNFCCC/KP requirements (see GPG for LULUCF) for the reference years 1989, 1999 and 2007. The maps are based on the digital datasets of the so-called "Occupation Biophysique du Sol", maps generated in 1989 and 1999 using filed surveys and aerial orthophotos.  For 1989, we used multispectral satellite data from SPOT1 acquired in the same year to complete the information.  For the year 2007, the OBS07 builds the base data. This OBS07 was generated in the framework of the GSE-LUX-Land Information project by updating the OBS99 using VHR multispectral satellite data from IKONOS.  The geographic data will be used to support national Kyoto Protocol reporting by the ANF and the MDDI.  

Based on the LULUCF maps, landscape indicators were calculated and handed over to the users for further analysis.

In addition to the standard GSE-FM products, LuxSpace developed GIS processing methods and tools to identify so-called Endangered Forest Stands (due to their size and width as defined by ANF) and to populate an ANF database on Remarkable Trees in Luxembourg with subsets of EO images surrounding their position. 

Currently the products that were delivered end of 2009 are being evaluated by the users.

In addition to that we coordinate the GSE-LUX partnership comprised by the Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann, GIM sa and LuxSpace.   Several horizontal tasks that are common to the provided services (GSEs on Forest Monitoring and Risk information) like data procurement and preprocessing of VHR IKONOS imagery, the project Geo-database creation and maintenance, website etc. are coordinated within the partnership.

For further information please contact LuxSpace.