GIMS for EIB - Development of a web GIS tool

In the framework of the activities supporting the European Investment Bank regarding Earth Observation services, LuxSpace has been entrusted by ESA to develop a web-based tool enabling non-expert users to view and analyse Geographic Information resulting from EO services.  The data sets integrated concern mainly land cover maps, progress mapping of infrastructure projects, maps on ground deformation and water quality. 

LuxSpace defined the software requirements and specifications based on interviews with the EIB users.  The tool entitled “GIMS” (Geographic Information Monitoring Software) has been implemented using Open Source software.  It consists of two main components:

  • the GIMS Viewer, i.e. the web application, and
  • the map server, which holds the EO Europa geo data.

In addition to the specific geo data sets resulting from EO services, there are third party layers to display general background information from external map servers (e.g. Open Street Map). 

The GIMS tool has been provided to the EIB users for testing and utility assessment in January 2014.  The service including hosting and maintenance of the EO map server will be provided to EIB until end of the currently running EO Europa project (mid 2014).  

For further information please contact LuxSpace.