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Vesselsat 1 and 2 combine 4 years in orbit


Today, LuxSpace announces that its Vesselsat satellites have passed a combined four years in orbit.

Vesselsat 1 was launched in October 2011 with a PSLV from India into a near equatorial orbit, while Vesselsat 2 was launched in January 2012 from China into a polar orbit. “Both satellites are in a healthy situation”, underlined Ghislain Ruy, the system architect of the two satellites.

Meanwhile the two satellites have delivered several billion AIS messages, which are sold to customers on global scale.

The design and manufacturing was led by Luxspace and took about one year. Both satellites where largely built using COTS equipment with the support of 12 sub-contractors from Europe.


About LuxSpace:

LuxSpace is an affiliate of OHB AG  (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), one of the three large space prime companies in Europe. LuxSpace has about 50 employees and is mainly developing micro satellites and is actively participating in the OHB System led Small GEO initiative. Furthermore, LuxSpace has a strong service business with specific focus on AIS (Automatic Information System for Ship Detection) and Earth Observation.



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