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LuxSpace has been awarded a contract to assess the capacity of space borne AIS


LuxSpace has been awarded a study contract from the European Commission to assess the capacity of space borne AIS (Automatic Identification System) for supporting the European Commission’s maritime policy. The contract has a volume of 890.000 Euro.

Space borne AIS is a new emerging technology that provides a cost effective solution for monitoring vessel traffic, the individual positions of ships, activities and cargoes around the world. Such vessel monitoring information is of particular interest of ship owners and port authorities but raises also expectations to be useful for supporting maritime policy. 

“The capacity of a space borne AIS as a ubiquitous vessel traffic monitoring system provides a number of benefits also for the European Commission”, pointed out by Jochen Harms, Managing Director of LuxSpace. “It enables for example the detection of illegal fishing, supports border surveillance but can also improve maritime Save and Rescue operation”.

In cooperation with ComDev (UK) and FDC (F), LuxSpace will benchmark the performance and capacity of the existing space based AIS receivers, test a new receiver design and finally will draw recommendations on how AIS capabilities can be exploited for supporting European Commission maritime policy. 

About LuxSpace:

LuxSpace is a Space System and Applications company, located at the Grand Duché of Luxembourg. LuxSpace is currently involved in various AIS related technology and application projects for ESA and EU. Moreover, LuxSpace is distribution partner of Orbcomm AIS satellite data to European customers.

About AIS:

AIS, or the “Automatic Identification System” is a technology embarked on all vessels above 299 GRT, which is used as anti-collision system. Coastal countries have established shore based receiving stations to monitor the vessel traffic. However, the reach of these stations is limited to more or less 100 nautical miles. Satellite AIS is considered as an add-on to the coastal stations that extends the vessel monitoring capability for safety and security aspects to a global scale for both the institutional and private sector.

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