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LUXSPACE Sarl obtains its first contract from EUROSTAT


In early February, LuxSpace, located at Betzdorf in Luxembourg, has been entrusted by the European Commission (Eurostat) to conduct a Double Blind Control Survey of the LUCAS 2006 survey campaign.

The LUCAS 2006 survey is a joint project of Eurostat, DG Agriculture and the Joint Research Centre (Ispra/Italy). The overall objectives of the LUCAS project is to collect harmonised data on land cover and land use using a standardised area frame survey methodology (common sampling plan, nomenclature and observation method throughout the EU Member States). Based on the data collected, unbiased estimation of the main land use (particularly agricultural crop areas) at national and EU level will be provided.

The Double Blind Control survey will is part of the LUCAS Quality Assurance measures aiming at ensuring the provision of high quality data to its main stakeholder.

LuxSpace is a Space System and Applications company, owned by OHB Technology AG of Bremen, Germany.

For more information, please contact:

Jochen Harms
General Manager
Chateau de Betzdorf
Building B
L-6815 Betzdorf

Tel: 00352 267890 4021

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