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LuxSpace Sàrl and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) sign Partnership Framework Agreement


Today LuxSpace Sàrl, one of the main actors in Luxembourg’s space industry, and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg have signed a Partnership Framework Agreement for a strategic collaboration. Together they will cooperate on a joint research program involving future technologies for micro satellites.

This is the first cooperation between LuxSpace and the SnT. The program initially includes two research projects: one is on the development of an innovative generic and scalable AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control System) system and will start at the beginning of the program, while the second one focuses on space debris removal especially in the geostationary orbit and is planned to start at a later stage.

“To establish a partnership with the University of Luxembourg in these research areas will enable us to improve our products in the future and also to offer new services for our customers,” said Jochen Harms, managing director of LuxSpace. “The goal of this joint program is to further extend the capabilities of micro satellites and hereby creating new business opportunities” he underlines.

“The modelling and control of satellites and space-robots is a major scientific and engineering challenge in automatic control. LuxSpace is a high-tech, internationally acting company that offers us the rare opportunity to be involved in the development of space systems. Therefore we really look forward to the coming years of collaboration and common research,” said Prof. Holger Voos, program director, SnT.

Several future missions of LuxSpace will require the availability of a new Attitude and Orbit Control System, which is used to determine where the satellite is and to manoeuver it using a propulsion system. Those systems are available for standard LEO and GEO satellites but not for the class of satellite platforms LuxSpace is currently developing and neither for some of the missions LuxSpace is aiming at. Among those are typical GEO and MEO missions but also missions to moon and beyond. Aside the typical parts of an attitude control system, the propulsion is of utmost importance. Here, electric but also green propulsion, no longer based on the highly toxic Hydrazin, might be an option. The research program led by LuxSpace and the SnT is intended to develop such an overall control concept with a special focus on micro satellites.

With the signing of this agreement, LuxSpace becomes the 22nd member to join the SnT Partnership Program. This program enables SnT and its corporate partners to develop research collaborations and new technologies. Research is conducted jointly in partnered projects where SnT and partners contribute know-how and resources to achieve common goals. Partners contribute to SnT at all levels: from a representation on the governing board, to operational support through the industrial advisory board, as well as by contributing resources to projects.

About LuxSpace: LuxSpace Sarl is an affiliate of OHB AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), one of the three large space prime companies in Europe. LuxSpace has about 50 employees and is mainly developing micro satellites and is actively participating in the OHB System led Small GEO initiative. Furthermore, LuxSpace has a strong service business with specific focus on AIS (Automatic Information System for Ship Detection) and Earth Observation.


About SnT: SnT, launched in 2009 by the University of Luxembourg, SnT is an internationally leading research facility that together with external partners establishes Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence and innovation for secure, reliable, and trustworthy information and communications technologies (ICT). To create great impact, SnT follows an interdisciplinary research approach, taking not only technical aspects into account but also addressing business, human, and regulatory issues. SnT provides a platform for interaction and collaboration between university researchers and external partners.




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