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LuxSpace, navama and WWF awarded new ESA contract to design fishery monitoring system


LuxSpace, navama and WWF awarded new ESA contract to design fishery monitoring system
Betzdorf, Luxembourg, October 2014

LuxSpace, the technology and space company, navama - technology for nature
and WWF, the global conservation organization have been awarded an ESA
(European Space Agency) development contract for the design of an innovative
fishery monitoring system.

The system will exploit satellite technology in the surveillance of fishing
activities to promote legal and transparent fishing operations. Targeted at
certified sustainable fisheries, the new system retraces the routes and activities
of fishing vessels and assesses the conformity of fishing operations with
sustainability standards and rules. Moreover, this information will be made
available to seafood customers via a smartphone app.

“This interesting application shows how satellite technology can support
fisheries which are committed to sustainable fishing practice and can
significantly enhance the credibility of eco-labeled seafood products among
consumers”, said Jochen Harms, Managing Director of LuxSpace.
The app/technology can visualize routes of fishing vessels and recognize
certain fishing activities. Users can notice if boundaries of marine protected
areas or fish nursery areas are being respected.

The project contract volume amounts to EUR 800.000 of which 50% is financed
by ESA.

The TransparentSea service will be developed together with navama GmbH, a
Munich based Technology Company and WWF, one of the world's largest and
most respected independent conservation organizations, with over 5 million
supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries.
„Good systems to monitor fishing activities and track fish catches are
fundamental to make fisheries operations transparent and ensure that seafood
products are legally caught. This new technology is an important step to
improve monitoring of certified fisheries and to combat illegal fishing”, said
Alfred Schumm, WWF’s Smart Fishing Initiative Leader.

"Transparency and cooperation are key success factors in global marine
conservation. We are proud of being jointly awarded the contract with LuxSpace
and WWF to show the potential of transparent fishing operations", said Dr.
Andreas Struck from navama.

The project named TransparentSea belongs to ESA´s ARTES 20 Integrated
Application Program. In a 3 month pre-operational demonstration phase, the
service concept will be validated in close cooperation with a number of key
clients from the fishery sector.



About LuxSpace Sarl:

LuxSpace Sarl is an affiliate of OHB AG (Prime Standard, ISIN:
DE0005936124), one of the three large space prime companies in Europe.
LuxSpace has about 50 employees and is mainly developing micro satellites
and is actively participating in the OHB System led Small GEO initiative.
Furthermore, LuxSpace has a strong service business with specific focus on
AIS (Automatic Information System for Ship Detection) and Earth Observation.


Jochen Harms
Managing Director
LuxSpace Sarl
Phone: +352 267 890 4000
Fax: +352 267 890 4049

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