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Kick-Off of ESA funded project supporting EO activities within the EIB


On 19 April 2010 the Kick-Off meeting of the ESA funded project on “Technical Agent in Support of EO exploitation activities within the European Investment Bank” entrusted to LuxSpace was held in Luxembourg.  This project intensifies the cooperation between the European Space Agency and the European Investment Bank that was started in 2008 initiated by a previous LuxSpace project.

This project consists in

  • Analyzing 20 shortlisted EIB financing projects on their information requirements and the potential of EO technology to support these needs (2 months duration)  
  • Specifying  10 EO services selected based on the assessment of the shortlisted projects
    (1 months duration)
  • Implementation of the 10 projects by EO service providers following an ESA Invitation To Tender procedure (about 10 months duration)
  • Assistance to the EIB end-users in integration of the EO service results into their information processing chain and utility assessment (about 3 months duration)


LuxSpace will be playing the role of the “Technical Agent” supporting the end-user, i.e. the Technical Officers of the EIB, and ESA in all the defined tasks.  Our focus is on the evaluation of information requirements, the identification of suitable EO services supporting the information requirements and the follow-up of the EO service implementation with regards to quality assurance.  The end-users will be assisted in the usage of the resulting information products.  

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