ArcelorMittal Green field, near Maputo, Mozambique, 5 September 2008
ArcelorMittal Green field, near Maputo, Mozambique, 5 September 2008

Monitoring Construction Works in Mozambique

ArcelorMittal operates more than 144 steel production sites throughout the world and is constantly expanding its production facilities.  Of specific interest of ArcelorMittal headquarters in Luxembourg is to obtain regular pictorial updates for the progress of the construction work. Since the sites are often in remote places and quite large in size, high resolution imagery can provide a snapshot overview of the current status of the ongoing work, without involving local staff. Objective of the service to provide a most recent VHR satellite orthophotomap over a new production site.  

The service consisted in the acquisition of a very high resolution satellite image recorded on 05/09/2008 over ArcelorMittal Green field, near Maputo, Mozambique. The image has been georectified and a map layout defined.  The image does not show any activity on the site, i.e. the construction works did not yet start at September 5, 2008.

Assessment of impact and benefit by the user


  • The systematic acquisition of EO data is favorable against specific aerial flight campaigns.
  • Interested in "foreign" regions, i.e. where no previous knowledge exists.
  • Implementation of change detections: independent from people at site, from a distance (no need to travel)
  • "An image says more than thousand words".


  • The area of interest is quite small with regards to the minimum area that needs to be paid for (i.e. in this case 12 hectares of AOI, minimum size of the image to be paid 6400 Ha (image size 8km*8km).
  • Cloud coverage can be problematic.