Assistance to the Luxembourg Kyoto Protocol Reporting

Following the involvement in the GMES Forest Monitoring service, LuxSpace provided assistance to the Luxembourg Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures regarding the Kyoto Protocol reporting obligations. 

The OBS Map 2007, updated with IKONOS satellite data of 2007 in the framework of the above mentioned GMES project, has been used as basis for the establishment of LULUCF data for the reporting year 2008.     

To enable timely KP reporting for the reference year 2012, the Environment Administration (under the Luxembourg Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures) has been provided with 2012 multi-temporal RapidEye satellite data covering the entire Luxembourg territory. 

 The Land Use / Land Use Changes & Forestry information required by the Environment Administration of Luxembourg has been updated based on RapidEye 2012 images.  The change mapping has been implemented by Comuputer Assisted Photo-Interpretation of the multi-temporal satellite data.  The Environment Administration will base the LULUCF 2012 statistics on the results of this change mapping. 

Next to the LULUCF mapping, various other applications of the data are possible, for example analyzing the urban growth over time in Luxembourg from 1999 via 2007 to 2012.